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Our Values

Stay young, stay informal.

Never lose the startup attitude. But remember to respect client etiquette.

There is no problem.

There are only constructive discussions. Be solution oriented in your thought process.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

But learn from them.

We love data and data-based evidence.

Insights can only come from data. 

In case of emergency, break glass.

Don’t be shy when you must not be.

Build agile.

A good MVP is better than a bad product.

Be lazy – program instead of repeat work.

Your time is precious. Use it for things that matter. 

Be sure someone is in charge.

If you are not, ask who is. If there is no one accountable, something will go wrong. 

Think big & for scale.

If you don’t dare, don’t bother.

Avoid plastic, and be sustainable.

Like at Tesco’s, “Every little helps”.

Be prepared. And precise (but only if necessary).

Always be prepared for a client meeting. And be detail oriented, respecting the agile principle.

Listen, and demand to be listened.

Always respect colleagues and seek for feedback.